4-Weeks To Relieve A Tight Pelvic Floor 

A four-session course to work toward releasing tight pelvic floor muscles. Each person's body heals at its own rate, but after completing this course you will be equipped to participate in your own healing process. 


Breath work

In our first session, you will understand how the breathing diaphragm and the pelvic floor are connected. You will explore breathing practices to enhance awareness of the pelvic floor and use this awareness to purposefully relax these muscles.

Pricing Options

Cost: $325

If sharing the course with a friend, you each pay half the cost. 

You may also pay half up front and half at the end of the course.

Sessions may be extended to every two weeks, rather than every week to give you more time between payments. 


Yoga Postures

In sessions two and three, you will learn postures that will help to stretch all three levels of tight pelvic floor muscles. 

To receive full benefit from the course, you should have time to attend the four one-hour sessions and practice the breathing and stretches 10-20 minutes each day between sessions. 


Meditation and Pain Science

In the final session, you will establish an ongoing program for continued relaxation work and incorporate meditation to quiet the mind and learn to speak true words about your body. You will also understand how an over sensitive nervous system can cause pain and understand what to do about it.