Are you looking for a class that will build heat while keeping you aligned and safe?This dynamic class will build endurance, flexibility, and stability as you refine your alignment in the poses. Yoga experience suggested

Yoga Challenge


Do you want a class to increase your flexibility, build strength and balance? A mixed level class that works toward balancing strength and flexibility, effort and surrender. Modifications throughout the practice will meet you wherever you are. 

Strengthen to Lengthen


Are you dealing with stress? Fatigue? Insomnia? This  gentle restorative class uses supported poses to help you wind down from stressed to relaxed. An excellent complement to more active practices. You’ll leave feeling nurtured and renewed. 

Relax, Restore, Renew


Gentle/Chair Yoga


Are you feeling stiff and achy or recovering from an injury? Are you having trouble getting up and down from the floor? Try our Gentle Yoga class. Gentle movement tied to the breath allows the body to open slowly, regain flexibility, and increase balance.  No yoga experience necessary.

Yoga for Lunch

Need a break from your computer? De-Stress with this  class that opens your heart, moves your body and increases your metabolism. Return to work refreshed and energized.  No yoga experience necessary.

Yoga Stretch for Men

You've always thought yoga was for women, right? But you wish you were more flexible and you know your golf swing would improve if your range of motion was better.  This fitness-based yoga class is designed to help you develop flexibility, balance, and core strength. It’s okay if you can’t touch your toes.



You're pregnant and want to know if you can do yoga.You can safely enjoy the gentle classes  (or Yoga for Lunch) at Yoga Inspired. Please be sure to let me know when you arrive that you're expecting.