Morning Yoga Routine

My morning yoga routine is pretty simple. I maneuver myself from the bed to the floor, prop my legs on a chair, and breathe. I'm not much of a morning person. Actually, I'm REALLY not a morning person. I have been known to ask my husband, who pops out of bed wide awake and chipper, not to talk to me. 


Here's my routine:

Breathe. Take a few minutes to notice your breath. Then gently move into a soft ujayi breath, narrowing the throat passageway so that the air makes a slight sound like the ocean in your ears. 

I usually play the daily meditation from Pray as You Go. It's a lovely site that includes music, scripture reading, and questions to consider. There is an app that you can put on your phone or device, or you can listen online. 

Once I begin to feel the breath waking me up, I add a Svaroopa yoga pose, called Alt Leg. With the knees together and hands holding behind the knees, draw both legs toward the chest. This is not a pull, but a gentle movement in the direction of the chest. Hold for a breath, then move both hands to hold the right knee. The left knee moves back to the chair seat. You're looking for just the right spot where your thigh bone sinks down into the hip socket. The knee stays in line with the ear, not slipping out to the side. Hold the leg and breathe. About half way through the Pray as You Go meditation, I switch legs. 

By the time the meditation is over, about eleven or twelve minutes, I'm awake and ready to have a conversation!