Spiritual Journey Thursday: Lost Balance

Spiritual Journey Thursday has landed with dexterity and balance here at my yoga blog this month. As balance is my OLW for the year, I find myself thinking of it often these days.

bal·ance /ˈbaləns/ noun

  1. 1.  an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

    "She lost her balance before falling."

    synonyms:stability, equilibrium, steadiness, footing"

Yes, that’s exactly what she did. She meaning me. One misstep on a slippery floor and down she went. This week as I am on vacation at the beautiful Lake Lure, NC, I find myself sitting more than I had hoped. Walking less than I had hoped. But on the up side, I read an entire book for the pure joy of reading. Not trying to learn anything, not trying to analyze any structure or writing style or yoga style. Just simply enjoying a good old fashioned whodunnit. It was lovely. And I did figure it out before the end, but only slightly before the reveal.

Finding balance in all that we do means finding an even distribution of weight. Time to rest. Time to work. Time to play. Time to study. Time to pray. Time to laugh. Like a three-legged stool, the distribution of weight must be more deliberate than one with four legs. So I’m trying to be deliberate. It’s a delicate, sometimes difficult task.

I received a beautiful gift today from my son. A book called Every Moment Holy by Douglas Kaine McKelvey (Rabbit Room Press, 2017). It’s a celebration of everything ordinary. The illustrations are prints by Ned Bustard are full of meaning, too.

This illustration is from the “Lament Upon the Finishing of a Beloved Book.”


Here’s an except from “A Liturgy for a Sick Day.”

A day such as this, in which I endure

a measure of sickness or unease,

is a reminder that the redemption of all

things is not yet complete. It is a reminder

that this body will decline and one day fail,

and so it is also a reminder that the ways

I spend my days matter—for my hours,

revealed like veins of gold beneath a rushing

stream, are a limited resource to be

purposefully mined or forever lost.

Doesn’t that sound like balance? Yes, I think so, too.

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