Movement and Prayer Workshop: Praying “Our Father”

 Doraine Bennett, Yoga Inspired,

Our faith celebrates the body: It is radical among the religions of the world.

  •          Advent: Emanuel with us, Philippians 2:5-8  
  •          Crucifixion:  Isaiah 53:4-5
  •          Resurrection:  Luke 24:5-6
  •          Ascension:  Mark 16:19
  •          Pentecost:  Acts 2:1-4
  •          Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit: 1 Corinthians 3:16-17
  •          Communion: Strengthens his life in us. I Corinthians 10:16

Yet we seldom use our body in our worship and prayer.

Intro to Lord’s Prayer:

  •         Greatly reverenced
  •         Before widespread use of books, a resource to sustain a person’s whole journey of faith
  •         Coming to faith in a hostile culture, prepared them for whatever came (martyrdom)
  •        Considered subversive in a culture that demanded kingship and holiness of emperor
  •       Candidates for baptism were not allowed to know the content until 2nd year of prep
  •       Not allowed to write it down (written on heart – the word spoken is the word believed)
  •      Familiarity and thoughtless recitation rob us of its power and fruitfulness

Shape of the Prayer: 

The Lord’s Prayer is a pattern, an outline for prayer.

         Address (Seeing God)

  •   Attention to God
  •    Intimacy with Father
  •   Community – “Our” Father
  •  “High and lifted up”

         You-Prayers (Knowing God)

  •    Honor God’s name
  •    Pray for his Kingdom to come
  •    His will to be done
  •    What God wants is most important to us
  •    Not “Your will be changed,” but “Your will be done.”

         Us-Prayers (Knowing God)

  •    Bring our needs to God
  •   Material
  •   Relational
  •   Spiritual
  •    Needs arise as we discover and seek to do His will, go in his name, ministry of reconciliation

         Affirmations (Going)

  •    God’s presence with us
  •    Kindgom, power, glory YOURS, both now and for ever
  •    God’s presence going with us as we go

A pattern that we can use in any situation where there is a need of prayer.

Dialogue and Focus:

  •         We speak out a verse/phrase/song and then respond from within those words
  •          Intentional – there is a specific focus to praying the Lord’s Prayer
  •          Pray in relation to some well-defined concern
  •         Without this, the prayer lacks direction, purpose, and authenticity.
  •          Choose your intention

Pray with Purpose

Live it:

  •          We walk through life living before a holy yet loving Father to whom we look
  •          We seek his purpose, will and kingdom in all of our living
  •          We trust ourselves to his provision for all we need to live a life of obedience
  •          We celebrate the fact that we are always in his presence.

--adapted from The Practice of Prayer by Robert Warren